Thank you!

Thank you to the cast and crew and audience of Night of the Neutron Dance! We wrapped up our run in the New York Theater Festival on July 15, 2018.


And we’re casting!

Please submit your headshot and resume via Backstage or Actors Access.

Night of the Neutron Dance
by Sharifa Williams
Director Jonathan Rion Bethea

SUMMARY: Set in an alternate universe embroiled a post-apocalyptic war, “Night of the Neutron Dance” asks the question, “do you lose if you let loose.” Battle-worn Sky is ready to throw an all-out dance party for her little family of survivors, but is the dance a celebration, or is it surrender?

RUN TIME: 25-30 minutes.

This play will be performed as part of the New York Theater Festival Summerfest at the Hudson Guild Theatre in NYC.

Seeking actors for the following roles:


[ SKY ] female, late 50’s to 60’s. Any ethnicity. Leader of a group of resistance fighters. The only one of her group who remembers life before the war. Sky is a good dancer and remembers the 1980’s fondly. Dancing required, but no professional dance experience needed. Lead.

[ CORVUS ] male, 30’s. Any ethnicity. A leader, second only to Sky. A strong fighter. Muscular and as rugged as a young man in his 30’s can get. Lead.

[ McKENNA ] male/female, 18 to 21. Any ethnicity. A young, idealistic fighter. Wears nunchucks on his/her belt and wants to earn the nickname Ninja. Supporting.

[ SERGIO ] male, late 20’s to 30’s. Any ethnicity. A scout who returns from a mission with an injured leg and without his fellow scout Victory. A battle-weary soldier carrying a glimmer of hope back to his crew. Supporting.

[ VICTORY ] (Voice Only). Female, late 20’s to 30’s. A high, sweet voice. A scout.

[ VARIOUS MEMBERS OF SKY’S CREW ] 18 to 40. Non-speaking, with the exception of possible adlibbed reactions. No dialogue does not mean no acting. Every person is a vital component and will be engaged in telling the story. Fellow fighters and survivors, part of Sky’s crew, some of whom are named Rooster, Serenity, Honor, Slider, Conga, and K.O. Must be willing to dance in dance party sequence. You do NOT have to be a professional dancer (or even a good dancer) just be willing to move. Familiarity with 1980’s dance moves a plus. Post-apocalyptic, 1980’s inspired attire.

NOTE: Actors who participate in NY Summerfest get free admission to all the other shows in the Summerfest, which runs from July – September 2018.

Auditions and Callbacks
Wednesday, June 13; Sunday, June 17

Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays from 3-6pm starting June 20.

Mandatory Tech
July 11 from 2:30pm – 5:30pm

July 12 at 9pm
July 14 at 1pm
July 15 at 6pm

Actors will be asked to prepare a 1 minute contemporary monologue, unless auditioning for Victory or Various Members of Sky’s Crew.

Small flat fee for all roles provided at the end of the run if selected.

Again, please submit your headshot and resume via Backstage or Actors Access (check Actors Access on or after June 11). We will accept headshots and resumes via email at: casting [at] neutrondance [dot] com, but we would prefer to receive your submission via Backstage or Actors Access. Please do not submit multiple times or in multiple ways for the same character.

Join our Creative Team

Now accepting submissions for a Creative Co-Producer, Director and Designers for Night of the Neutron Dance, a one act play by Sharifa Williams to be presented at the New York Theater Festival Summerfest in July.

Now accepting creative team submissions for Night of the Neutron Dance. Please send cover letter and resume to production *at* neutrondance *dot* com.

Run Time: 25-30 minutes.

Location: Hudson Guild Theatre, NYC.

Dates: Tech is July 11, 2:30-5:30pm. Performances are July 12-15.

Compensation: Flat Fee

Seeking (Non-Union):

Looking for assistance with a variety of tasks including: marketing and promotion, research, creating a production schedule, hiring designers, finding audition and rehearsal space, general coordinating, etc. No fundraising required.

Update: Position filled.

Update: Position filled.

Update: Position filled.

Update: Position filled.

The festival is not allowing us to bring in outside set pieces, so we’re going to focus on props and costumes to set the scene. Props include: nunchucks, old, battered albums from the 1980’s, numerous beat up weapons, an old TV Guide, walkies, etc.

Must be available for Tech on July 11 from 2:30-5:30pm and Performances July 12-15.