Night of the Neutron Dance takes place in an alternate timeline, roughly 40 years into a war that began in 1985. Holed up in an abandoned roller skating rink before the dawn of another battle, a resistance leader leaves her post to plan an 80’s dance party.
Sky turned 18 in 1985. She doesn’t know how old she is now. She only knows that the young fighters beside her were all born after the war began. Warbreds, she calls them.

Her dwindling group has holed up in an abandoned roller skating rink, hunted by a powerful enemy known as the Mongers. On lookout for the return of two scouts, Sky spots movement—a potential threat on the horizon. As one scout limps his way back, the other is nowhere to be seen.

She leaves her post, gives her sniper rifle to a young fighter, and retreats to a stash of records, music from the 1980’s, preserved inside the rink.

Sky is soon confronted by Corvus, her second-in-command, hot from rumors of an 80’s dance party in the works. He refuses to give up before a fight.

If they dance tonight, is it celebration or surrender?